Geography Lab

Geography lab is designed to kindle the interest of the students and develop critical faculties concerning people's relationship with the environment. The lab is important because it leads the student's ideas from general to specific. It is also an integral part of the course because it gives them hands on experience.

Objectives of the Course

  1. To introduce students to the fundamental Earth-system processes including the radiation budget, energy flows through food webs, biological evolution and fundamentals of ecosystem structure and function
  2. To introduce the students about basic geographical concepts of landforms, climates, minerals, soils and water resources.
  3. To give the students comprehensive idea about the development and distribution of the physical environment, regional patterns formed by environmental patterns and processes, and human utilization of the physical environment.
  4. This laboratory satisfies the physical science laboratory requirement.
  5. To give the students ideas about historical development of environmental problems through the combined lenses of geography, cognate disciplines and the notion of paradigms.

List of Instruments

  1. Wet & Dry blub thermometer
  2. Hygrometer
  3. Maximum & Min Thermometer
  4. Fortin Barrometer
  5. Dr.'s Thermometer

List of Equipments

  1. Globe
  2. Minerals
  3. Rocks
  4. Types of folds
  5. Types of Faults

List of Maps/Charts

  1. Toposheet maps of & plateau
  2. Maps of India (Physical)
  3. Maps of India (Economic)
  4. Climatic maps of India
  5. Toposheet maps of plain areas

Lists of Teaching Aids

  1. LCD projector
  2. Autometic projector
  3. OHP
  4. Computer
  5. Tracing Table

ICT Materials in Geography Lab

  1. LCD projector
  2. Projector
  3. OHP
  4. Computer
  5. Tracing Table
  6. CD on physical Geography
  7. CD on Geomorphology
  8. CD on Hydrology
  9. CD on Evolution of Earth